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Why Commercial Septic Tank Maintenance is Important for Your Business

If your septic system doesn’t work properly, your customers and staff could become exposed to pathogens, and unbearable smells so keeping these components maintained is an essential part of running a commercial establishment. Unlike residential versions, commercial septic systems are more complex and operate on a grander scale due to commercial properties having larger septic systems, pipes, and drain fields. Also, different commercial properties have different system requirements—grease traps and stormwater run-off just to name a few.

To deal with the problems that commercial septic systems could pose, you will need the help of professional septic tank cleaners. Here is how Eggan can help you keep yours efficient and functional:

  1. Keep Your Septic Clean

Larger properties typically need bigger septic tanks. While they work without needing your help, it is important to keep your tanks on a preventative maintenance schedule to keep things running as they are designed to. Eggan will perform routine maintenance that is essential for keeping your commercial septic tanks in working order.

  1. Perform Diagnostics and Repairs

Given the amount of waste that is released from commercial establishments, professional cleaning needs to be performed periodically throughout the year. The more complex the system, the greater potential for issues to arise. Whether there is a build-up, leeching odors, or clogs, Eggan can diagnose the issue and repair the damage before it becomes a larger and more costly problem. 

  1. Use the Right Equipment

Though it might be tempting to take your septic problems into your own hands, it is important to hire a professional septic company that can perform a holistic diagnosis and action plan. Eggan is trained and fully equipped to oversee commercial septic maintenance. If your property has a grease trap, for example, you will need to have it serviced regularly. Trying to do your own maintenance can create a potential health risk for you and your customers, so trust the experts to do the job properly and safely for you and your business.

  1. Save Time and Money

If you think you may have a problem with your septic tank, calling a septic professional is the best way to identify and fix it before it can worsen. Performing regular maintenance on your tank can save your business time and money in the long run. At Eggan, we are flexible and work with your schedule to clean and fix your septic tank without interfering with your business, and we help you make informed decisions about preventative maintenance for the life of your septic tank.

Remember that commercial properties are different from residential properties in both function and scale. Working with a professional septic system company will help to keep your septic system working correctly. Give Eggan Environmental a call today for quality and professional septic cleaning services!